Paulette's Vision


As expressed by my involvement as a Trustee serving the Escondido Union School District, my passion for education was instilled in me from an early age.   For me, the students are our customers and we need to ensure that they receive a world class education fit for the future leaders of tomorrow.  Our students deserve great customer service.  The County Board of Education needs "thought" leaders and I feel that I have a lot to offer, thanks to experiences working with schools globally and my ability to be creative.  There are numerous new and innovative approaches in education which include migrating from the traditional classroom and the shift into personalized learning, 1 to 1 digital learning environments and more.  I want to inspire teachers to have fun while doing their jobs by creating innovative practices and projects to effectively educate their students.  I will continue to promote parent and community involvement by encouraging staff to develop programs and opportunities to engage these valuable contributors.  I am doing all of this because I want to be involved and I want to give back to the community that provided amazing opportunities for me. 

One size does not fit all; it never has.  Everyone learns at a different rate and in different ways.  Our current educational system was designed to fill the needs of the factory system.  Society has changed and education MUST change.  We need to focus on redesigning education for the modern world.  To do this, there needs to be a focus on meeting the needs of every student. This can only happen by encouraging educators to think differently, by exploring alternative methods of instruction which will engage all learners.  Educators must be able to focus on college and career readiness for all students.  

What often is missing from education today is instilling in our students the love of learning.  We need to foster a desire to be a life-long learner in all students.  As they mature into adults, this desire will manifest into a passion to improve not only their own lives but improve their workplace and society.  


Providing opportunities to all County Schools
The expansion of personalized learning and other approaches to professional development offered to schools and districts countywide will be encouraged.  The results to impact individual growth, opportunity and the economy behind this are two fold.  1.  Increase teacher knowledge that allows for increased advancement opportunities and 2.  These same teachers with their increased knowledge can inspire students to take paths in which they may not have considered.   

Fiscal responsibility  
The annual budget for 2015-16 for the San Diego County Office of Education is  $591,582,548.00.  San Diego County Office of Education supports 42 school districts and a little over 500,000 students.  The County office of Education helps save districts money by centralizing services, and training educators.  As a part of the Board, I will have responsibility for approving the annual county office budget;  I have exhibited fiscal responsibility in my actions and votes with the Escondido Union School District and will continue to do so at the county level.  Once elected, I intend to review the budget to insure there is no redundancy of programs and that money is being spent to most directly impact the largest number of students possible.  

A good leader needs to be open, available and willing to not only hearing the voices of their constituents but taking them into consideration when making decisions.  My nature has always been to openly communicate with others and it has been the hallmark of my time on the Escondido Union School District Board and will continue to be a focus as a trustee on the County Board of Education.  


Common Core

Common Core is a controversial curriculum in English and Math that has been adopted in many states, including California.  It was originally presented as an improvement that would enable students to better compete in the marketplace.  With that said, math has proven to be very difficult to implement for teachers, students and for parents who want to help them.  Unfortunately, unless the state adopts different standards, this type of math will be used in Schools. 

Common Core should have been reviewed by parents and teachers during an extensive pilot program to determine if it made sense, however, despite proposals to do so, this approach was not followed.  Unless and until common core is changed, I am committed to making the best methods for teachers and students, with parental involvement, available to all schools as they adapt to this curriculum.  

Why do we need a County Board of Education?

The function of a county board is different than a local district board of education.  Therefore it's essential for both to exist.  School districts in San Diego County with fewer students rely heavily on the San Diego County Office of Education for support in many roles, including information technology, professional development and students with special needs.  The county also offers separate programs for students with special needs, foster students and for those students who have been detained in Juvenile detention facilities.  With the sheer size of the State of California, one of the functions of the county is to provide consistency across all of the districts within that county and allows for county superintendents to collaborate, share and become a spokesperson at the state level.  


  • 25 plus years of experience working in K-12 education
  • Current Trustee for the Escondido Union School District
  • Director of Partnerships for a nonprofit organization focused on honoring the human right to education
  • Parent

With this experience I have first-hand knowledge of the current trends in education, and what skills business expects of future employees.  To put it bluntly, I have my finger on the pulse of education. The K12 world has not only been my focal point but my passion.  My experiences give me the knowledge to move education forward.  My relationships help me understand what is or is not working in the classroom.  My direct involvement in the K12 educational area keeps me abreast of current trends and future possibilities.