7/7/2016 - Election Results Update from Paulette: Hello Everyone, I am pleased to announce that we won the election!  Thank you for all of your well wishes, support and most of all your VOTE.  I look forward to serving you as your representative for District 4 on the San Diego County Board of Education.  

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 a proven leader,

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Paulette Donnellon has been a resident of San Diego County since 1976. Growing up in Escondido, she attended Escondido schools as did her two children. Paulette lives in Escondido with her husband, a retired police officer and small business owner.   

For over 20 years, Paulette has worked with K-12 educational stakeholders nationwide, integrating 21st century technology solutions to enhance learning.  Infusing technology into schools has been a focal point of her tenure as Trustee of the Escondido Union School District and will be a focus as a Board member of San Diego County.  Paulette’s goals include bringing 21st century skills with a global outlook to every classroom in San Diego.  

Paulette, a proven educational leader, has been a Trustee of the Escondido Union School District since 2012.  She is past President of the Escondido Education Foundation and has served on the board of other educational organizations.  

A U.S. Army veteran, Paulette proudly served this nation for eight years, including a tour of duty during Desert Storm.

Paulette Donnellon

San Diego County Board of Education

District 4

If you live in district 4 (the large green area on the map)  Paulette would love your support and your VOTE

On June 7th,
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San Diego County Board of Education, District 4