Zesty Harper - Escondido Union School District, Board Member 

"I support Paulette Donnellon for the County Board of Education.  She will lead with integrity and will always have students' needs as her first priority."

Dr. Gary Altenburg - Escondido Union School District, Board Member

Joan Gardner - Escondido Union School District, Board Member

Maureen "Mo" Muir - San Dieguito Union High School District, Board Member

James Bernet - Founder and Chairman, San Diego Army Advisory Council

"As Founder and Chairman of the San Diego Army Advisory Council, we are proud to support Paulette Donnellon for the San Diego County Board of Education, District 4.  During the last several years we've watched her pursue the very best for area students through her expertise in both curriculum development and technology advancement in the classroom. Paulette is a Army Veteran; she clearly understands commitment and being a team player, but more importantly she lives the Army values -- especially Integrity, Loyalty, Respect & Selfless Service."

Ron Smith - Retired Principal, Escondido Union School District 

Joel Anderson - California State Senator,  38th Senate District

Marie Waldron - Assemblywoman, District 75

Jeff Felix - Superintendent

"I am heartily endorsing Paulette Donnellon for the San Diego County Board of Education, District 4. I have known Paulette as a colleague and as a friend since 1998. She assisted the children of the San Pasqual Union School District in becoming one of the first schools in the country to deploy one to one learning via the use of laptop computers. Her willingness to help and her knowledge of the education process made the implementation a smashing success. The upshot from that success can still be seen today in various forms around this county.
Her work as a Trustee with the Escondido Union School District Board of Education has been masterful. Even as issues with another board member seemed to overwhelm the district, Paulette’s levelheaded guidance allowed for the leadership to continue with their job of service and support for the children Escondido.
As a public school Superintendent in San Diego County for the past 19 years, as one who has used the services of the San Diego County Office of Education extensively all during that time, I can tell you that there is no one more qualified for this position than Paulette Donnellon. I urge you to mark your ballots for Paulette and rest assured that you have made a positive action for children today and for generations to come."

John Masson - Councilman, City of Escondido

Mike Morasco - Councilman, City of Escondido

Mark Muir - Councilman, City of Encinitas

Sam Abed - Mayor, City of Escondido

Monica Ward - Fulbright Distinguished Teacher, 2015
"I whole heartedly endorse Paulette Donnellon for the San Diego County Board of Education   Her experience with schools across this country gives her a knowledge base which allows her to bring the most successful programs to schools." 

Ed Gallo - Councilman, City of Escondido
"Paulette brings common sense to a most vital citizens group...the Board of Education." 

Dr. Prasad Ram - Founder/CEO, Gooru

"While I was at Google, my co-founder and I worked on a prototype of “Google Maps” for learning. We had a good understanding of the technology, but had no idea how to reach the students and teachers in schools.  Our biggest breakthrough came when I was introduced to Paulette Donnellon.   Paulette with her record of serving the country as a veteran and working for her community as a board member for the Escondido Union School District was best suited to bring to Gooru a complete and caring understanding of students and the urgent need to honor the human right to education. Paulette joined us at our technology non-profit Gooru.  She helped transform the prototype into a complete product and facilitated strong school implementation. Paulette's creativity has added to the quality and authenticity of Gooru.  Her compassion insured that we addressed the needs of all learners with diverse learning needs and a commitment to excellence focusing on learning gains for every student using Gooru.  I am delighted and proud that Paulette is running for the San Diego County Board of Education.  She has my strongest endorsement and I am confident that she will be catalytic to enable every teacher support in their students' personalized learning. "
Judith Adams - Retired Principal, Escondido Union School District 

Gabe Soumakian, Ed.D. - Retired Superintendent, Oxnard Union High School District

Marv Gilbert - Former Escondido Union School District Board Member

"Paulette has demonstrated a very sincere interest and dedication regarding the education process and experience for the children of Escondido.  Being involved at the County level will afford her the opportunity to have that same impact on the education experience of all children in San Diego County."

Carolyn Royer - President, Escondido Education Foundation

"As a retired teacher and current president of the Escondido Education Foundation, I strongly endorse Paulette Donnellon in her efforts to join the San Diego County Board of Education, District 4.  She has a passion for helping students join the 21st century of learning.   Her expertise in educational technology has been invaluable to the Escondido Union School District.  I look forward to her election and the positive impact she will have on the county of San Diego."

Dr. Royce Moore - Former Escondido Union District Board Member  

     & Mary Beth Moore - Retired teacher

"Paulette Donnellon has distinguished herself the past 4 years as a effective, dynamic leader of the governance team in the Escondido Union School District.   She understands the her role as a member of that team rather than being an independent contractor micro managing the organization."

Keith Richenbacher  - The Conrad Companies

Jim and Julie Hurkman - Business Owner

Debbie Geurian - Business Owner

Heidi Hancox - Business Owner

Barbara McPhail - Parent

"Paulette has the ability to bring about change in a system that resists. She has the skills and resources needed to improve education. I am proud to endorse Paulette Donnellon on her journey to improve education in San Diego County"

Vaughn North - Founder, Escondido Shines Initiative
 “Paulette will be a dedicated and valuable addition to the Board."

Ralf Swenson - Superintendent

"I am encouraged to see Paulette seeking a spot on the County Board.  She is professionally engaged in one of the most pressing areas of educational reform - providing easy access to meaningful information through educational technology.  She would bring a well-informed and knowledgeable presence to her colleagues on the Board."

Allen Angel - President, Haiku Learning

Ana Albir - CEO/Founder, Drawp for Schools

Larry White - Executive Director

"Ms. Paulette Donnellon is a dedicated leader in the education community.  She believes all students and educators should have access to high quality educational resources to ensure quality learning experiences."

Bruce Blackwell - President, Luminary Arts

Julie Choudhary - Teacher

"I am thrilled to endorse Paulette.  As a young girl she began her commitment to serving her community and she has served our nation as a soldier.  She is committed to working with students, teachers and administrators all over the world.  As a local teacher, I appreciate her support.  I am pround to endorse Paulette Donnellon for the San Diego County Board of Education."

Kyra Bowers - Teacher

Jo-Ann Fox - Teacher

Jennifer Landry - Teacher

Heather Peterson - Teacher

"Paulette Donnellon is a selfless public servant who tirelessly works to improve education. With student learning as a focus, Mrs. Donnellon delivers a positive growth mindset and is dedicated to innovation, engagement, and equality in education." 

Kay Guy - Teacher

"I have known Paulette Donnellon many years and am happy to recommend her as a trustee for the San Diego County Board of Education. Paulette does her research before making decisions and is a person of great integrity. She has proven her competence these last four years on the board for the Escondido Union School District."

Krystle Miller - Teacher

Ali Parviz - Middle School Administrator

Cameron Curry - Executive Director, The Classical Academies

“As an educational leader in North County I respect individuals who are open minded, thoughtful, and avoid making decisions based on hearsay or lack of information. Paulette Donnellon is the type of leader that knows her place as an educational trustee, takes the time to understand the issues, and supports quality options where students are thriving academically. Paulette Donnellon has a track record as a trusted elected official and one who I will be supporting in the race for the San Diego County Board of Education.”

Ronarae Adams - National University, School of Education

"I'm proud to endorse Paulette and to support her goal to expand her leadership in ways that will impact our kids and the community. She "walks the talk" and holds herself accountable to meet high expectations, and by modeling, she inspires others to expect more of themselves and to see the possibilities that partnerships can bring. Her admiration of National Board Certified Teachers is sure to propel active engagement in providing greater access for children to experience highly accomplished teacher leaders."

​lyle e. davis - Editor and Publisher, The Paper

"I've known Paulette since she was a young lady of about 19 or 20. I've watched her grow within corporate America and hold down demanding, technical positions; that she has committed herself to furthering education and serving the children and parents of this great community does not surprise me. She has always been very giving, very community minded. She's the ideal candidate. She has my vote."

Dan Kirksey - Business Owner

"Paulette has the ability to bring a fresh set of ideas to an age old institution that hasn't changed in decades. The way the current generation learns is not like we were taught, many of them learn quicker and comprehend much better though modern technology. Paulette sees an understands this better than anyone else".

Grateful for the following endorsements.​​  

Thank you!